Velvet Soundsystem is the duo project representing the namesake house and techno event Velvet, personified by Italian veterans Kosmiko and Dodi Palese.

Started from two longstanding friends and promoters from Apulia, South of Italy, to offer a vast and seductive sound to an ample audience, Velvet counts a relevant amount of events and collaborations illustrating all the declinations of quality within variegated dance music genres.

Velvet Soundsystem is run by two artistic personalities of the old school Apulia scene, Kosmiko and Dodi Palese. It has been created in order to export the heating musical atmosphere of audience and resident DJs across the border. Collecting vinyls for two decades, both artists result united by eclecticism, boundless mixing technique and an hybrid selection of dance, electronic and instrumental music.

The duo lived music exploring it in various cultural and recreational activities – collecting, listening, producing, sampling, sharing and mixing it in all kind of event formats, from private ones to national festivals.

The duo performance consists in a back to back, musically singular, which inebriates listeners by transmitting the best attributes of their homeland. The brightness of summer, the freshness of wind and pine forests, the charm of beach or club events, translated in arpeggios and sparkling melodies, together with tonic and ever growing, dynamic structures. The groove is articulated by new rhythms, enriching the combination of classic and modern tracks at the same time: House, Disco and Techno with strong old school Detroit and Chicago influences. The set features, eventually, scratches of soul, funk and jazz records, adequately selected and beat matched.

Velvet Soundsystem results as the union of an entire life dedicated to a religion named music, without any limit of genres and artistic notoriety, passed persisting in the purchase of vinyl, in the production of music, in eclectic performances and in keeping a rare humble attitude and limitless passion.