Cosimo Colella Polifonic




Cosimo Colella was born in Taranto in 1989, in a family and in a cultural context that weren’t very receptive musically and artistically.
Although a short study of piano, at the age of 12-13 the music wasn’t a part of his life. Then he knew the hip-hop which was maybe his real interest.
Moving from hip-hop to house music, made in USA, Cosimo Colella started his first parties on the consolle. Cosimo Colella enlarged his musical horizons and he got in contact with european sounds that were perfectly combined with his USA background. Since 2008 he started to use sequencers and he started his first release with the Floska project, that during last five years has given very big satisfactions. So he released other stuff on labels such as Viva Music, Turquoise Blue, Elevation, Phobic, Tzinah, Joyfull Family and of course Apulia, a label from Taranto.
Collaborations are many, such as remixes from and by Adultnapper, Sasse, Nico Purman, Nima Gorji, Matthew Burton, Echonomist, Gwen Maze, Horatio, Latecomer and many others. The project started to be known and big names like Loco Dice, Maya Jane Coles, Steve Lawler, Tania Vulcano, TINI, Robert Dietz, Thughfucker, Nic Fanciulli, Jef K, Varoslav started to support it and to regularly play these guys from Puglia’s productions.
Meanwhile Cosimo moved to Milan, where he played around the city and then he came back to Taranto in order to give a contribution to a underground trend now in crisis.
He took part in a new and big movement, where Sound Department came out from, in Taranto. Here Cosimo became resident dj.
The keyword of his music is eclecticism. At the moment Cosimo Colella is working on a solo production project and on an album with Extrema Ratio band, being a band member and producer.