Pisetzky spent the last few years to discover all the deepest bass lines of different sound dimensions, becoming quickly one the finest rising talents from the vibrant Milan’s electronic music scene.

Being part of the label Just This which he runs together with his fellows and friends Hunter/Game, his EP “Elevation” released in 2016 quickly enhanced as a dance floor anthem, with the gem “Adria” crowned 1st on Resident Advisor Chart. His latest releases on the same imprint, “Perù”, an original track with Tom Trago (our other headliner), and ‘’Self Dimension’’ have also moved hearts and minds of dedicated connoisseurs and clubbers.

He performed at internationally recognized festivals such as Amsterdam’s ADE and Mexico’s BPM Festival as well as in famous clubs around the globe. Pisetzky reveals a refined appetite to explore forward thinking and melancholic techno soundscapes. A unique and powerful blend of deep textures, pounding beats and piercing synths, which led him to his style: powerful and melancholic multi layered soundscapes.