Jenia was born in a small port city in Far East Russia. She grew up in a family of musicians. Her father was a prominent Jazz artist. He owned a successful nightclub, produced music, and promoted local artists. Jay and her four sisters spent their childhood with their father in his recording studio. One of her older sisters went on to become a music teacher shortly after spending time as a lead singer in a band.

Music has always played a central role in Jenias life. She pursued her passion by participating in local musical events. She attended The Far East Federal University in Russia and obtained a degree in Public Relations. In 2007, Jenia began her fascination with DJ’ing and she went on to learn how to play records and the digital DJ equipment. Iher debut was in 2008, in her hometown, at a young DJ talent show. Her new “calling” sent her traveling around to local clubs throughout the Far East of Russia. In 2010 she arrived in Moscow and was playing in few month at Progressive Daddy, one of the top underground clubs in Moscow. This club served as a special home and provided her with the international exposure she needed to advance her musical career.

Since December 2016, monthly she has her own showcase on Deeper Sound Radio (UK), MIXLR and Ibiza Underground Radio with artists featuring Birdsmakingmachine , Dub Temptation , Marwan Saab, Cortese , Randall M , BEC , David Gtronic , Bianca Mandoui, Birds of Mind, end many more . in November 2017 she became an official resident on in-flight show at British Airways collaborated with International summit of Music and Deeper Sounds radio show. Also created label parties called [ which Es mates ] collaborated with local Moscow female dj’s, which concept is focusing on new upcoming talents, experimental /underground music, and mostly supporting female DJ.

2017 summer season started on Ibiza island by a performance at HEART Ibiza for Saga party and by setting on Ibiza Global Radio for “it’s all about music” MUSIC ON radio show and following by gig at Big Burn Festival in Istanbul. After busy winter of perfomances in Mexico for events of Akbal Music , Maxa Camp , Papaya Playa Project end etc she is back to her base between 2 cities :Moscow- Berlin and working for her first EP on Teknomore record Label where is she also took her part .