Clark Cvk  is an Italian electronic music producer and Dj living in Italy. 

Clark was born in Bari in 1997. Since he was a child he showed a great interest in music, above all in vinyls and tapes belonging to his grandfather, ex owner of a club. At the age of 10, his musical career begins. He starts as self-taught testing himself with instruments such as the guitar and the bass, until he discovers the instrument that will influence his music : the drums. After developing a good ability in playing the drums, at the age of 14 it begins to have fun with two record players and a mixer given to him as a gift. Shortly afterwards Clark develops a great musical knowledge and a notable ability into mixing disks and creating innovative flows of sound that are never expected. At the same time, he develops a great interest for drum machine and analogical synthesizers, that will bring him to discover the world of production.
Currently he is a DJ resident of the staff Take Off that proposes various projects on the whole territory such as Apart, Otherside and Φύση and he is engaged in a project of house production.